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What is the role of MILANI Ludicrous Matte Lip Crayon and makeup revolution eyeshadow?

Eyeshadow plays a vital role in the makeup process. It will help to enlarge your eyes and bright look. The makeup revolution eyeshadow is one of the best products for the eye dressing process.

What are the features of the makeup revolution eyeshadow?

It is one of the most compact eyeshadow. The eyeshadow will be creating a variety of looks by mixing and matching the shades which are available in the matte, shiny, and shimmer finishes look. 

Each palette has the sixteen pigmented colors which deliver the rich color payouts. You can also include four large base colors to improve any eye look.

How to use the makeup revolution eyeshadow?

One of the most important things while applying your eyeshadow is using the right brush strokes and speed. You are utilizing the unacceptable brush strokes it will lead to untidy, and ugly eyeshadow application.


You are initially applying the shadows to your eyelids and you can pat the eyeshadow on.


Instead of clearing your eyeshadow you can to and fro your eyes in a quick movement.


What are the tips and tricks for using the makeup revolution eyeshadow?


Use the more obscure eyeshadow to shape the eyes at the wrinkle places. You can use the lighter shades for the focal point of the eyelids to make your eyes pop.


When you are using the highlighter tone you will never to apply the eyeshadow up to your eyebrows. 


What are the benefits of using the makeup revolution eyeshadow?

It will enhance your appearance 

You will have more fun.

It makes you perfect for the photos and you can get a better complexion. 

What is meant by lip crayon?

The lip crayon is one of the cosmetics which apply for the color, texture, protection, and stylish looks to the lips. Many types of colors and lip crayons are existing. Some of the lip crayons act as lip balm and hydration. 

What are the features of the MILANI Ludicrous Matte Lip Crayon?

The fascinating features of the MILANI Ludicrous Matte Lip Crayon are given by,

  • It is an immensely pigmented formula which will deliver an excellent color payoff to your lips.
  • It features a non-dying formula that gives the comfortable feels on your lips and it is long-lasting and smudges free
  • The dynamic pigments of this lipstick appear to change with the light like reflects. 

How to apply the MILANI Ludicrous Matte Lip Crayon perfectly to your lips?

  • Prep your lips with the moisturizing lip balm
  • Apply the highlighter around your lip line and use the concealer around your lips.
  • Start applying the lip crayon by fill your bottom lip line as first and then press your lips together.
  • Next move to your upper lip. You can blot your lips on the tissue paper to get the matte effect.
  • Use the cotton dipped swab in cold cream to correct the shapes and mistakes. You can remove it with the textured makeup wipes.

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