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What is the role of la girl pro concealer and wet n wild color icon blush in the makeup process?

What is meant by concealer?

The concealer is also known as a color corrector. It is the type of cosmetics used to mask the dark circles, large pores, age spots, and other blemishes on the skin. It is similar to the foundation. This is known as a concealer.

What are the features of the la girl pro concealer?

The fascinating features of the la girl pro concealer are given by,

  • It is the crease-resistant, buildable formula concealer and bendable which provide the natural converge.
  • It has a long-wearing formula and it will help you cover the dark circles, even the skin tone, and spots.
  • It has a soft brush for the easy application of concealer to your skin
  • You can also try to blend the shades together to get the perfect tone.
  • Lightweight texture and it will provide the complete, natural-looking coverage, cover dark circles, and decrease the fine lines under the eyes and even skin tones.

What are the corrector shades are in la girl pro concealer?

  • Cool pink corrector, Reddish corrector, Orange corrector, and Peach corrector: Neutralize the dark spots.
  • Yellow corrector: Corrects the dullness
  • Green corrector and Mint corrector: Neutralize the redness
  • Lavender corrector: Neutralize the unwanted sallowness
  • Light yellow corrector: It will brighten the under-eye circle
  • Flat white concealer: Lighten the dark spots.

What is meant by blush?

It is also known as rouge. It is the type of cosmetics which is put on the cheeks, it usually in pink and red. It is in the form of both powder and cream. It is known as blush.

What are the features of the wet n wild color icon blush?

The important features of the wet n wild color icon blush are given by,

  • It is velvety soft pressed powder blush which will add the pop of colors
  • This is gluten-free and cruelty-free
  • You can also infuse with the jojoba oil to obtain the silky and smooth texture
  • It is a long-lasting and buildable color.

What are the tips to apply the wet n wild color icon blush in your cheeks?

  • First, you can prep your skin in the right way
  • Choose the correct shade which works with your skin tone
  • You must find the right blush formula for your skin type
  • You can pick the right blush brush
  • Then apply your blush depending upon the shape of your face
  • You can blend and blend the blush by using the brush
  • You can avoid the too bright shades with the sheer foundation
  • You should learn to use the blush in every step in your routine
  • Then set your blush with the tissue paper
  • You must know when to skip the shimmer formula
  • You should don’t forget the blush when contouring
  • For long-lasting result, you can be layering the blush
  • You can also dot a lipstick on the blush for the perfect cheek color
  • Finally, finish your look by setting spray.
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