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Skin appears shiny and dull so it is important to take care of it to make it glowy and healthy. Excess oil production often results in pimples, pores, blackheads and blemishes because of the presence of extra oil on the skin.

People with oily skin need a soap-free cleanser and lukewarm water to wash their face twice a day to make it oil free.

Tips to prevent oily and dull looking face-

Choosing the products specially designed for oily skin is very important so please check for product recommendations below

TIP#1 Always start with a Cleanser that removes excess oil and helps to control sebum production throughout the day and doesn’t make your face dry –we want matte feel but don’t want stretchy tight feel to it.

Product Recommendation - Superdrug Tea Tree Exfoliating Cream Wash

TIP#2 Use a Toner that helps to control oil throughout the day.

Product Recommendation - Superdrug Tea Tree Cleanser Toner

TIP#3 Use a lightweight Day Cream/Moisturizer to moisturize your face effectively that helps to maintain matte shine free skin throughout the day.

Product Recommedation - Superdrug Tea Tree Skincare Daily Facial Moisturiser

TIP#4 Use gel based or non sticky Sunscreen to protect skin from harmful sunrays and dullness andtanning.

TIP#5 Use a clarifying or clay mask twice a week to maintain its glow and a blemish free skin.

Product Recommendation - Physicians Formula Brightening Triple Rose Clay Mask - Brighten

TIP#6 Use a spot treatment on your stubborn zits.

Product Recommendation - Superdrug Tea Tree Spot Gel 

Nutritional Tip:-Take foods rich in vitamin B2 like nuts,beans,whole grains,white rice,broccoli,dairy products,mushrooms because slightest deficiency can caused oily skin so don’t forget to include these in your diet.

Don’t forget to drink water throughout the day to provide adequate hydration from inside of your body. Stay away from junk food and sugary items.

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