Pro Club + LA Girl

Pro Club is bringing the top-notch professional beauty products to one platform, giving artists ample choices to nurture their creative instincts

What is Pro Club?

Pro-Club is a community for makeup enthusiasts too, share their love for makeup, learn and grow. We believe makeup is an art and every artist needs the right tools to create a masterpiece. That’s why we curated star products from renowned brands.

It’s a program to help you grow your business, by giving you an easy access to professional makeup from L.A Girl which will be loved by you, your students and clients as well.

Why should you join?
With Pro Club, you not only grow as a makeup artist but also reach new heights in your business. The brands L.A Girl is a cult favorite among Makeup Artists worldwide. The wide range of products are Every Pro Club member gets to showcase these products at their studio.  
The benefits of being a Pro Club member aren’t limited to just selling our products, this program will also help you to
  • Improve social media presence.
  • Get more opportunities for work and training programs
  • Learn from the best Makeup Artists in the world
  • Your work will be featured once in a month on the official Instagram and facebook pages of LA Girl India.
  • You will be recognized as an affiliated member with LA Girl.
  • Special invitations to the parties thrown by us and hence an opportunity to network and scale up your business.
  • You will get a chance to be trained under the world’s best makeup artist at L.A. Girl Academy India.
  • Testers will be provided of all products free of cost.


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