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Makeup Revolution Iconic Blush Bronze & Brighten Smoulder(CLR)

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Makeup Revolution Iconic Blush Bronze & Brighten Smoulder(CLR)

Have you ever thought about the benefits of wearing blush ? Here we give you the reasons why you should apply it daily.

What is blush (makeup)?

Most of us blush when we feel different emotions and it is precisely that effect that this makeup seeks to imitate.

It is a cosmetic product that usually comes in powder form and is applied to the cheeks and cheekbones to give the skin color or to homogenize the different shades of the face.

5 benefits of using blush

Although many of us only use this cosmetic for special occasions such as parties and gatherings, image consultants advise using it daily and these are the reasons.

  • Highlight your cheekbones

  • The base, in general, nuances and unifies the color of our skin, so it can be flat after use and seal it with powders. The blush returns to the cheekbones their prominence on the face.

  • Contour your face

  • Contouring is a technique the Kardashians made famous; It consists of darkening some parts of the face and lightening others to highlight the features. You can use a dark matte blush for the former and a light blush for the latter.

  • Replace the shadows

  • Yes ma'am, as you read it, you can use your blush on the eyelids as shadows and you will be following a growing trend of eye makeup with warm tones.

  • Light up your face

  • One of the most common mistakes when putting on makeup is not using blush because your skin is already pink or red. This product not only adds color, it also illuminates your face, but for this you must use a pearly one.

  • Tan your skin

  • In the market it is possible to find several brands of blush with a bronzing effect, which gives a satin appearance to your skin so that you look like you have just arrived from the beach.

    Accomplish etched and shaped proficient greatness. This stunning unit gives all you require to an expert, etched and formed look Includes 3 shades that can be utilized together to shape and characterize or separately to renew and light up for the duration of the day Bronzer and redden make an exact form, and highlighter wraps up by lighting up and enlightening

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