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LA Colors 3D Blush Contour True Love

L.A. Colors
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LA Colors 3D Blush Contour True Love

The 3D blush contour provides three easy steps; they are contour, highlight, and blush. The velvet color powder is given for the shape, and the additional colors are given for the cheeks to breeze it. It has a different range of colors for the stunning look; they are matte, frosted, and shimmery. The LA color 3D blush contour true love includes a step by step illustration. 

It shows your face in a three-dimension look. You look so unique and famous among other people. You look like a celebrity in the event; even most celebrities using LA color 3D blush contour true love for their fabulous look on the television. It helps to show an HD look on the television. 

How to use it?

The blush you are using will create an optical illusion look. Whenever you dust your eye, don’t forget to draw or outline again because if you fail to remove it, it will highlight your eyes. The whole contour process depends upon your nature of the blush and shape of your face.

Whenever you blush the cheeks with the brush, don’t use the same brush for the blender process. Use a separate clean brush for the spreading blender process. The uses of this are:

  • To show your round face as a slim one
  • It helps to equate your heart-shaped face
  • Make your long face skin softer.

What are the tips and tricks?

  • Don’t soften your blush after contouring it; it can make your skin even duller.
  • To have the best outcome, and then first do the foundation process, then concealer, bronzer, and the final step is blush. 
  • After completing all this process, start your eye makeup.

Country Origin: China

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