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LA Colors Eyelash Kit Deluxe - Flirt

L.A. Colors
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LA Colors Eyelash Kit Deluxe - Flirt

If you are still not one of the girls who use false eyelashes more than for a VERY special occasion, we bring you 6 benefits that will make you change your mind and you can give the Falsies more opportunities .

To this day, eyelash extensions are very fashionable, although the first ones were put in the 1800's. By then, there were already tips on how to lengthen the eyelashes.

Cutting them was said to help their growth and they would get longer. The use of ointments and washing with a water-based mixture with walnut leaves was also recommended.

The LA Colors Eyelash Kit Deluxe - Flirt on eyelashes enhance and deepen your eyes because lengthen and shape your lashes naturally. We achieve this with the help of synthetic hair, hair and natural fibers that come loose with root and tip, individual, hair by hair, which are of different textures, shapes and sizes, and we place them on your eyelashes.

The recommended extensions are those that are placed one by one , to each of your eyelashes, since this way they will look more natural than those that are placed with a full strip or those that are glued to the skin like conventional false eyelashes.

Benefits of using LA Colors Eyelash Kit Deluxe - Flirt

→ You will enhance your look because your eyes will be seen with greater depth.

→ You will get a more impressive look  because your new lashes will look as natural as yours.

→  You will reduce the time of your daily makeup routine, since you will not need to apply mascara.

→ You will forget about spending money on make-up removal products for your eyelashes.

→ You will have the perfect thickness of the eyelashes and it will seem that they are always made up. 

→ You can go to the beach, the pool and wear contact lenses without any problem.

How to remove eyelash extensions?

If you see that it is time to remove your eyelash extensions or you simply want to remove them, we recommend that you go to a beauty center to avoid damaging your natural eyelashes and hurting yourself when removing them.

If you do it on your own, you may find it painful and lead to unintended consequences. 

Where to put your eyelash extensions? 

We all know how important and delicate the eye area is, so it is very important that the center where you are going to put or remove LA Colors Eyelash Kit Deluxe - Flirt has good products and professionals .

Change your lashes from customary to phenomenal in only a couple seconds! Incorporates lash glue to sweeten the deal even further. 

The most effective method to Use: 

Prior to sticking the lashes on, you should ensure they are not very wide for your eye. Hold the lash strips facing your eyelid, and trim them down on the sides if necessary.If the lashes are excessively long for your own taste, think about managing the individual lashes down to accomplish a more common look. Lashes should be longer toward the external corner of the eye. 

Nation of Origin : China

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