L.A Colors Moisture Cream Lipstick - Latte
L.A. Colors

L.A Colors Moisture Cream Lipstick - Latte

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Crazy about color 퀁Í퀁?퀁Í_??퀁Í_퀌«퉌‚퀁Í퀁?퀁Í_퀁Í퀁?_?퀁Í_퀌«í€äóç퀌?퉌‚퀁Í퀁?퀁Í퀁æ퀁Í퀁?퀁Í_??퀁Í_퀌«퉌‚퀁Í퀁?퀁Í_퀁Í퀁?_?퀁Í_퀌«í€äóç?? L.A. COLORS lipstick is available in a wide range of color options and two finishes 퀁Í퀁?퀁Í_??퀁Í_퀌«퉌‚퀁Í퀁?퀁Í_퀁Í퀁?_?퀁Í_퀌«í€äóç퀌?퉌‚퀁Í퀁?퀁Í퀁æ퀁Í퀁?퀁Í_??퀁Í_퀌«퉌‚퀁Í퀁?퀁Í_퀁Í퀁?_?퀁Í_퀌«í€äóç?? Matte and Cream. Color coordinated case featuring a modern, square design that has a glossy texture for the Cream formula and soft finish for the Matte formula. Both formulas leave lips feeling nourished and drenched in gorgeous color.

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