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Makeup Revolution Redemption palette mermaids vs unicorns + Iconic 3 Combo

Hok Makeup
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Makeup Revolution Redemption palette mermaids vs unicorns + Iconic 3 Combo

This pack brings two items which are portrayed beneath: 


  1. Cosmetics Revolution Redemption Palette Mermaids Vs Unicorns: Choose a side! Mermaids Vs Unicorns!! Which right? 

It's here, Its Dramatic, Its Stunning. 

Recovery Palettes get back with the clash of 2015… what right? A Mermaid? With our gleaming greens and blues? 

Or on the other hand a Unicorn? With our pink, purples? 

Battle about the Sparkles! 

Vegetarian. Brutality free. Gluten-free. 


  1. Cosmetics Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3: a definitive palette with ultra high payoff.An ideal blend of pearl, gleam, and matte shades. Absolutely collectible and an unadulterated sellout 


Remorselessness Free 


 Step by step instructions to Use: 

- One of the main parts of applying your eyeshadow is utilizing the right brush strokes and speed. Racing through your cosmetics or utilizing some unacceptable brush strokes will make an untidy, ugly eyeshadow application. 

- When you initially apply the color to your eyelid, pat the eyeshadow on as opposed to brushing it over your top. This will assist it with adhering to your cover better and give a strong instead of inconsistent appearance. 

- Instead of clearing your eyeshadow too and fro over your eye in a quick movement, utilize short, slow brush strokes going a similar way to mix tones. You should never be moving your hand rapidly as you apply your eyeshadow.

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Must buy..🤗🤗


Original product

Good product

Very nice and good product

Very good.

The product is very good and as expected and as shown in the picture. There's only one issue that is bit with the product it is with the hok make up. I couldn't cancel my order because I wanted buy another product instead of this. So the cancelation is extremely difficult from this app.

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