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It is protected to state that you are ready for a conclusive shimmer up? This flawless rose-gold highlighter is an emphatically pigmented powder that will quickly illuminate your appearance. A high-influence completes a super-commending sparkle. The extravagant condition skims onto cheekbones immaculately, adds to the expansion of the nose, and lights up the internal corners of the eyes for an all-over sparkle. For an outstanding, foil-like finish use with a sodden brush or one of our Fixing Sprays. 

Mercilessness free. 

Directions to Use: 

Strategy 1 - Enhance your Cheeks, Nose, and Forehead 

Top of your cheekbones-Take a flushed brush or a kabuki brush and use it to apply a hint of highlighter from your safe-havens to the most noteworthy purposes of your cheekbone in a C-shaped curve. You can apply one layer for a subtle effect or apply various layers for more outstanding highlights. 

Tip of your nose-Get a hint of highlighter onto at the tip of your finger and thereafter spot it onto the tip of your nose. Mix the highlighter with the finger. Remember that you needn't mess with much highlighter, essentially a little touch. 

Zero in on your forehead To stress the point of convergence of your sanctuary, you can free a few highlighters down the point of convergence from your sanctuary towards the framework of your nose. Start at the point of convergence of your hairline on your temple and clear straight downwards. 

Procedure 2 Enhance Eyes, Lips and Chin 

Interior Corner of your Eyes-Use an including eyeshadow brush and get a little highlighter onto the tip. By then, take the brush and press it into the sides of your inside eyelids. You can apply a few layers in case you need a more hair-raising effect or just apply a light cleaning for some unassuming highlights 

Onto your sanctuary bones-The regions just underneath your eyebrows will get a huge load of light, so this is a respectable area to highlight. Try clearing highlighter over your brow bones, the regions just under your eyebrows. Endeavor to keep most of the highlighter on the outside edges of your sanctuary bone. You do no convincing motivation to apply highlighter to your entire brow bone. You can similarly widen the highlighter down towards the wrinkles of your eyelids for an extra eye illuminating effect. 

Essentially over your Cupid's Bow-The domain in the point of convergence of your upper lip is called your cupid's bow and including this area will make more notification your lips. Get a restricted amount of highlighter on at the tip of your finger and press it onto this domain. Do whatever it takes not to apply the highlighter to your genuine lip, just to the zone straightforwardly over your lip. 

Over the point of convergence of your jaw Highlighting the point of convergence of your jaw can moreover help with causing to see your lips. Try clearing some highlighter onto the point of convergence of your jaw. Be careful so as not to apply a great deal of highlighter to this zone. You simply need a light cleaning. In case you included your forehead, by then endeavor to keep the highlighter on your jaw as per the highlighter on your sanctuary. 

Nation of Origin: China

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So I ordered few products for the first time from Hok to gift it to my best frnd and what I received was very pathetic. There were scratches on all over product. The palletts and highlighter seems to be very old . I don't think this site is even genuine as they send all the old damaged products I would have loved to upload the pictures but they don't have that option too.

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