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Nicka K Nine Color Eyeshadow Palette - Mocha Mix

Nicka K
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Nicka K Nine Color Eyeshadow Palette - Mocha Mix

Hype your eyelids and with rich mattes and glistening shimmery shadings. This palette is stuffed with a variety of nine profoundly pigmented conceals and dependable equations to mix effortlessly. Helpful to carry in a hurry and fit to be utilized in the day and night. 

The most effective method to Use: 

- One of the main parts of applying your eyeshadow is utilizing the right brush strokes and speed. Applying your makeup in a  hurry or utilizing some unacceptable brush strokes will make a muddled, ugly eyeshadow application. 

- At first when you apply the color to the lid of your eye, pat the eyeshadow on as opposed to brushing it over your cover. This will assist it with adhering to your cover better and give a strong as opposed to inconsistent appearance. 

- Rather than wiping out your eyeshadow to and over your eye in a quick movement, utilize short, slow brush strokes going similar way to mix tones. You should never be moving your hand rapidly as you apply your eyeshadow. 

Tips and Tricks: 

- Use more obscure shades of eyeshadows to form the eyes at the wrinkle and utilize lighter shades at the focal point of the eyelids to make the eyes pop. 

- Unless you are utilizing a highlighter tone, you ought to never apply your eyeshadow as far as possible up to your eyebrows. This is a surefire approach to over-perform your eyes and make them look excessively exaggerated. 

Nation of Origin : China

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