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Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic Multi-Colored Custom Bronzer

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Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic Multi-Colored Custom Bronzer in earth tones give your face contour and a fresh look. Bronzers are therefore part of the basic equipment in every beauty case. Not only for contouring, but also for the no-make-up look or the seductive vamp performance in the evening, a bronzer that is well matched to your own skin tone is essential.

If you don't use it for shading when contouring, bronze powder is primarily used to conjure up a summery, fresh complexion. For it to look natural, you need the right tone. Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic Multi-Colored Custom Bronzer that is a maximum of two shades darker than your actual skin tone is ideal. One trick to finding the ideal shade for you is to apply a sample to the inside of your wrist. This is how you can tell whether the tone really suits your skin type. The tone can be a little more intense for evening make-up.

Used correctly, the bronzing powder will make you look fresh from your vacation. How can you easily apply bronzer for a natural look without using make-up? 

If you don't want to do without your foundation, simply apply the bronzer over it. Make sure that the complexion does not get too dark!

Which tone suits which skin tone?

Strongly shimmering bronzers and highlighters look great in the sunlight and spice up evening make-up. You shouldn't use it to conjure up a sun complexion for the office.

Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic Multi-Colored Custom Bronzer have a slight orange tinge, which gives them a warm undertone. This in turn gives the face warmth and a healthy sun-kissed tan. This is applied along the temples, on the forehead, nose and chin. Actually everywhere where the sun would naturally leave its greeting.

Contouring focuses on specifically working out specific facial features and contours. This works best through the artificial setting of shadows. And because shadows have a gray cast in real life, contouring powders are also ashy and have a cold undertone. This is applied much more precisely. For example, under the cheekbones and along the hairline.

In summer or winter, the sun will be with you all year long! Forget the tanning salon and orange tan and sport a nice beach tan even on the grayer days. Spread the powder on the chin, cheeks and forehead using the brush that comes in the box. Gently tap the brush to remove excess product and not apply too much. To define the cheekbones and accentuate the oval of the face, use the blush brush to outline.

Physicians Formula Magic Mosaic Multi-Colored Custom Bronzer will enhance any tan, giving skin a radiant glow after the beach. Its weightless, ultra-moisturizing formula blends easily, adding a touch of sunshine to any complexion without the need for makeup. A new polymer provides extraordinary softness, a natural finish and luminosity for up to 12 hours.

What It Is: 

Doctors Formula's progression standard beginning stage mascara that passes on performing different assignments CC Curl + Care benefits for eyelash styler results without the peril of lash mishap. Joins a Recyclable Sculpting Brush. Standard Origin. 70% Organic. 24 Hour Wear! 

Why It's Good For You: 

It features Curl Booster Technology, a restrictive blend of standard and regular botanicals to help Curl + Care for your lashes.It's Renewable Bipolymer makes second curve and entirety. Versatile Sugar Film shapes lashes to the ideal shape 

Favorable circumstances: 

Hypoallergenic. Smell Free. Gluten Free. Ophthalmologist Approved. 

Nation of Origin : Italy

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