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Skin Republic Youthfoil Face Mask

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Skin Republic Youthfoil Face Mask

What are face masks?

When we talk about a face mask, we refer to a particular cosmetic product used to counteract certain skin disorders or imperfections that affect the skin of the face.

The regular / weekly application of face masks gives the skin a youthful and fresh look: not surprisingly, these cosmetic preparations are in great demand in beauty salons, especially by women who love to always show a bright and elastic skin, and to feel (why not?) younger and more beautiful.

To immediately stifle any possible "exquisitely masculine" thought in the bud, it is good to specify that face masks, so appreciated by the female world, must not be considered a mere and sad whim to "appear".

Each face mask is in fact studied and perfected for a long time according to the type of skin it is intended for and the customer's requests.

The effectiveness of the product is given by the skilful association of the functional active ingredients incorporated in the recipe: face masks can be made to moisturize, revitalize, tone, detoxify, purify, nourish, soften the skin or whatever. Many women rely on the therapeutic-like effect of face masks also to camouflage small imperfections - which, let's face it, are also unwelcome by men - such as scars left by acne or skin spots that visibly make a person's image ugly .

What are the essential requirements that a face mask should have?

Face masks are extremely popular both for their strong intensive effect and for their (relative) speed of action.

An ideal face mask must meet some essential requirements:

  • Deeply moisturize and soften dry, arid and worn out skin by the unstoppable advance of time;
  • Protect the skin from external aggressions;
  • Give elasticity to the skin of the face;
  • Deeply purify the skin;
  • Encourage the microcirculation of the face;
  • Promote the penetration of the functional active substances incorporated into the vehicle;
  • Recharge the youthful glow of the face.

Those just described are just some of the countless positive effects promoted by beauty masks. There are infinite types of face masks, each of which can be formulated with a specific combination of cosmetic and functional ingredients: these cosmetic preparations are generally customized, in order to fully satisfy the customer's needs.


Age-opposing foil sheet veil conveys a single direction flood of youth enacting concentrate.Immersing skin in a twofold portion of Hyaluronic Acid this superior foil upheld sheet cover secures dampness for supported, more youthful and more iridescent looking skin. 


Elite foil supported sheet cover secures dampness 

Target and decrease the noticeable indications of maturing 

Cancer prevention agents ensure against ecological toxins 

The most effective method to USE: 

Scrub skin. Eliminate cover from bundling. There are two areas of the veil. Spot the white side of the cover on face with sparkly, foil side confronting outwards. Wear for 15-20 minutes. Eliminate veil. Try not to wash. Abundance serum can be applied to neck, décolletage and hands. 

Nation of Origin : Korea

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