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Superdrug Avocado and Oat Face Mask 75ml

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Superdrug Avocado and Oat Face Mask 75ml

Avocado and Oat Face Mask: reasons to love them and do your skin good with them

It's easy to answer: a face mask is an incredibly simple and effective way to satisfy your skin's need for deep cleansing and hydration. The pampering factor should of course not be ignored. In today's world, it can be a challenge for the skin to maintain the healthy glow and flawless freshness that everyone so desires. Rough weather, polluted air, long nights, stressful everyday working life ... such factors can lead to dull, exhausted skin.

The appearance of fine lines, skin pigmentation, and sun damage can be reduced with regular use of face masks. Avocado and Oat Face Mask have even been developed to tighten the skin of the face and provide a more even complexion and a refreshed feeling. 

For skin prone to blemishes, a face mask is recommended that penetrates into the deep layers of the skin and removes deep-seated dirt and excess sebum. 

Dryness is a leading cause of various skin problems. If the skin lacks moisture, a deeply effective and nourishing face mask helps.

A simple solution is to use a face mask regularly. There are a variety of different face masks, so that one or more can be found for every skin type and every special problem area that will make the skin glow again.

It is known that a detox regimen invigorates the body - and the same applies to the skin! Face masks help remove impurities and leave the skin feeling refreshed and cleared. Because of their high protection level and optimal price-performance ratio , many people also use them for private purposes.

An application almost always leaves the feeling of wonderfully cleansed skin, which feels revitalized and renewed. The fact that there are also special anti-wrinkle masks may not be well known to many of the anti-aging age - but there are now some face masks that are precisely tailored to the needs of more mature skin. 

Depending on the individual requirements for your own skin care, there are a wide variety of face masks: light masks for daily care and so-called multi-masking, a pampering individual care that lasts a whole week. On special occasions, an intensive and revitalizing sheet mask is a special treat, because it fills the skin deeply with moisture.

An Oat-accomplice glorious smooth mix! We love Avocado and Oat face veils; this amazing mix will help add a blast of goodness to your skincare plan. 

The best strategy to Use: 

In the wake of Cleansing smooth a liberal layer onto skin and loosen up for 10-15 minutes or until dry. 

Respiratory masks can be attached a little more firmly to the face. They filter the air we breathe and when used correctly , they also protect the mask wearer . They moisturize more slowly, so they can be used longer than conventional mouth-nose protection masks.

Sprinkle your face with warm water and wash off. 

Use as oftentimes as you feel a little TLC is required. 

Superdrug recommends using your facemask after quite a while after week to give your skin an especially acquired treat. 

Size : 75ML 

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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