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The Right Order to Apply Lipstick to Get A Great Look

The makeup has the undeniable power to change your whole look. Makeup does not only enhance your look but also build confidence in you. The good makeup routines empower the modern woman. The right and skilful application enhances your features and brings it out naturally. For this, it is important to learn the accurate tips and tricks to do makeup and also getthe best makeup products according to your face. Also, one should keep experimenting with different makeup looks to know which one suits them the best.

There are many things you have to consider while doing makeup among which lipstick is the most important one. The right application of lipstick according to your outfit, complexion and event can bring a great change. Choosing the right type and shade is lipstick is not easy either. One can go for glossy lipstick, nude lipstick, bold shade lipstick, matte-finish lipstick and many more. You will find many brands and a thousand shades, so you can try and get a variety of options. Many of the women face problem in applying liquid lipstick and find it a bit tricky to apply as compared to the regular lipstick. But if you have thick lips, this is the right choice.

So, if you want to apply lipstick in the right manner, the following tips will help you:

  • Exfoliate and moisturize lips- To get plumpy lips, it is important to properly exfoliate with the lip scrub to remove the dead skin. After that, you can apply a lip balm to moisturize your lips. It will help in removing the dead flakes and will make them supple and soft.
  • Use a lip liner- To cover the edges and give your lips a finished look, it is important to use a matching lip liner. You can also complete the look with lip liner after lipstick to cover the edges at the end and give it a finished look.
  • Work with your lip shape- If you have thin lips, you can create an illusion by overdrawing on your cupid bow and the fullest part of your bottom lips. If you have normal or thick lips, never over shape them and use a dark colour liner and draw according to your natural line.
  • Use a lip brush- For the flawless application, you need a sharp lip pencil and pointed lipstick. For more precision, use a lip brush and then use a concealer brush to clean the edges.
  • Set your lipstick- Once you are done with your lipstick application, gently squeeze your lips over a tissue or napkin. To set your lipstick for the whole day, dab translucent powder as it will not move around.

So, above are some of the ways to apply the lipstick properly. For genuine and international products, you can shop from ‘Hok Makeup.’ We offer premium lipstick brands like wet and wild silk finish lipstick and other international brands. Also, don’t forget to check out for amazing offers and discounts from time to time.


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