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Makeup Obsession Medium Basic Luxe Gold Palette

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Makeup Obsession Medium Basic Luxe Gold Palette

Makeup Obsession Medium Basic Luxe Gold Palette is designed to model the shape of the eye and emphasize the natural color of the iris. Women eagerly reach for them when doing everyday makeup. We have shadows of various masses, consistencies, textures, finishes, colors and durability at our disposal. The choice is huge, and the prices range from low to those that make you dizzy. But price is not the only selection criterion at present. More and more women are wondering about the quality of cosmetics, about the composition, about what makes the shadow stay on the eyelid all day and does not irritate the eye.

A good quality shade should not contain heavy metals and other toxic ingredients. The fragrance plays a minor role as a small amount of shadows is applied. So it does not make sense to perfume the shadows. Customers have more and more requirements and are primarily looking for proven, tested and safe cosmetics. Before spending money, they find out what other women think about the product. There is no shortage of customers looking for shades of specific brands, as well as interested in natural, organic and vegan products. A make-up palette puts the colors together in certain combinations, which are sorted according to type, trendy tones and modern styles or just nuances (cold or warm colors).

Highly pigmented Makeup Obsession Medium Basic Luxe Gold Palette allows you to get professional eye makeup. It has a silky consistency that nourishes the skin of the eyelid. Advantages :, intensity and brightness of colors, heavily pigmented thanks to a special process - micronization, the shadows are very finely ground so that the shadows stay on the eyelid for a long time, do not flake off, easily combine a variety of shades allows you to emphasize and bring out the look. Intended effects: eyelid care, emphasizing the eyes and giving them expressiveness and shine.

You can perfect your complexion and complexion with the right foundation and concealers. Makeup Obsession Medium Basic Luxe Gold Palette offers a wide range of different colors, so there is the right color for every skin. Such a palette can hide both redness and shadows. So you can cover the impurities ideally, conceal and feel good all day. The best way to wear the concealer is simply with a cosmetic brush or a makeup sponge on the skin and blend it carefully. The concealer can also be used to lighten certain areas of the face, such as under the eyes or on the bridge of the nose or to make imperfections look more even.

Extravagance Gold Edition medium palette. Holds 6 singles, fill from a decision of Eyeshadow, Blush, Highlight, Contour and Strobe hides! 

Country of Origin : China 

Fixation Cosmetics was brought into the world in 2014 .A marvel brand store is one of the first store in Nepal. Fixation beautifiers has developed to turn into the biggest Nepal excellence retailer and the head magnificence location for those searching for executioner cosmetics without murdering their wallet.

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