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Wet n Wild Glitter Palette - Heavy Metals
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In the world of makeup we use some things according to personal tastes and even according to the occasion, previously the matte finish was the fashion of many artists, however giving the face some light and shine has become the protagonist These days, in fact there are different techniques to achieve it. It is always time for glitter, to use them as you wish, from clothes, shoes to good makeup.

It can also sparkle a little on the eye, more precisely on the lids. If you want to give this a festive update, you can either apply make-up with special glitter eyeshadows or take a matt model and dab some glitter powder over it for the finish. That makes for an almost magical look. You can see how you can easily achieve this look yourself in the video above!

Dare with Wet N Wild Glitter Palette - Heavy Metals during the holiday season! A sparkling and luminous make-up is perfect for Christmas and New Year, as long as errors and exaggerations are avoided. Here are the mistakes not to make, the looks to take inspiration from and the perfect products for sparkling makeup!

The solution to be radiant are Wet N Wild Glitter Palette - Heavy Metals, used for hair but also for make-up , as long as it is created in the right way: glitter is perfect to illuminate you better, but before wearing them you need to know what to do and what to avoid. don't turn yourself into a Christmas decoration. What are the mistakes not to make when using glitter and which make-up can be made to be bright without exaggerating? Here's everything you need to know before wearing glitter for party makeup!


  • If you don't have an eyelid primer, you can use petroleum jelly to help the shadow adhere better or a glitter glue.
  • If you're wrong, use makeup remover sticks to remove the product. It is an easy, fast and accurate way to achieve a perfect finish.
  • When removing make-up, opt for an oily product, in this way the glitter from the shadows will be removed better.

Be a sparkling, flashing goddess! Shimmer under the twilight with Wet n Wild's Fantasy Makers Glitter Palette. This palette highlights 6 cautiously curated creme-based sparkle conceals that can be blended and coordinated to make your own evil look. 

Uncommon Features: 

Eyeshadow palette highlighting 6 creme based sparkle conceals 

This palette is a mix of six lively and shimmering conceals 

Each shade applies and mixes in easily without the problem 

This item is remorselessness free

Product code: E3200-12915


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The glam Cty
Attractive n excellent

It's one of the best eyeshadow i hv ever used

Purnima Tamang
Best one

U will get the best glitter shadow at cheapest price. Totally worth money

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