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  1. The Right Order to Apply Makeup Products to Achieve a Great Look
    The power of makeup is undeniable; our favourite items help us build the looks of beauty we love, enhance our favourite features, and encapsulate o...
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  2. The Purpose Of Foundation And How To Choose The Right One?
    Foundation is just what its name suggests: the basis on which your entire makeup look will be designed. For a wide range of items that differ in te...
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  3. Know All the Types of Foundations Available Before You Buy One
    It can be a real challenge to pick a foundation that suits the needs of your skin - it comes in countless shades and formulations. It's also the mo...
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  4. The Essential Face Products That Your Makeup Kit Must Contain
    It is not easy to create a makeup kit like that of the professional makeup artists. However, that does not mean you cannot have a makeup kit that h...
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  5. Importance Of Foundation To Get A Perfect Makeup Look
    Forget to practice a razor-sharp eyeliner flick or be able to chisel your cheekbones with the perfect contour; the base is the essential aspect of ...
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  6. Makeup Tips and Tricks for Small Eyes
    Trending eye makeup looks are one of the most fun items in the makeup world to try out. But it can be a struggle to bring those looks to life when ...
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  7. How to Choose the Perfect Eyeshadow Palette
    One of the most loved things by a woman is cosmetic products.one of the main components of makeup is the eye shadow. However, not all women know ho...
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  8. Six Eyeshadow and Lipstick Colour Combos You Can Wear Together to Pep Up Your Look
    Over time we have all learned that certain things belong together. Looking deep into the makeup bags and figuring out all the things we can pair to...
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  9. 6 Makeup Products You Should Always Carry in Your Purse
    Each woman needs a few things in her purse every time she steps through her front door. Often you want to look nicer, whether you're in a formal or...
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  10. Concealer vs. Highlighter: Know the Difference
    Many of us often confuse between the concealer and highlighter. The critical difference between the concealer and highlighter is their purpose. In ...
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  11. How Choosing The Right Concealer And Applying It Correctly Compliments Your Look?
    If there's one makeup product that's an absolute must-have, concealer takes the top spot. And just like any makeup product, knowing exactly how and...
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  12. 10 Makeup Essentials in Your Makeup Pouch

    If you have just begun to venture into the makeup world, it's natural that you feel overwhelmed by the variety of items in the makeup aisle. Though there are so many items, only a few products are considered a must to have in your make up bag.

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